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For about the cost of fast food, you can enjoy our generously portioned, delicious and nutritionally balanced down home cooking, and know that only the highest quality of ingredients go into the
making our gourmet meals.

Are you unable to cook?

If you or someone you know is having a hard time getting out to the store or cooking their meals, we can help. We offer a wide selection of well-balanced meals for those on the mend or in need of a little extra assistance.

Do you need a vacation from cooking?

Perhaps you are just tired of driving to the store, deciding what to buy, finding it & waiting in line to check out. Then you still have to unpack the groceries and COOK. Give yourself a vacation from cooking by giving us a call.

Are you too busy to cook?

Are you on a tight deadline at work, still unpacking from a recent move or wondering how to find the energy & time to cook. Let us make your life a little easier until things get settled.

visit our sister company... 
a fully licensed and insured full service catering company.  Our professionals are experienced in orchestrating catered affairs of every size and scope, from intimate, personal dinners, storybook weddings to large non-profit gala events. 

Great for Anyone
Seniors / Homebound People
Just out of the hosipital
Not self sufficent / Single People Married People Families on the Go
New Moms / Workaholics

Gift Certificates
Our Gourmet Meals make the perfect gift!! Client Appreciation / Anniversaries Retirements / Sympathy / Get Well Birthday / Congratulations New Parents / Job Promotion